For those that know me, and keep up with my ramblings on Twitter et al, this is probably a slightly out-of-date version of that.

For everyone else, here are my most recent escapades, projects, and other stuff that I've been working on recently.

Music: Trip to the Moon

I decided to write a film score.
I decided to use one synthesizer.
The synthesizer in question can play only one note at a time.

This is the result...

TADHack 2021

Four hacks - two prizes! Mostly for 'Wizard Chess', a web-based chess game which you control with your voice, via the phone line. Official Winners Blog

Cambridge Pubs

In preparation of May 17th, here's a tube line to help navigate the local pubs. (If you're local to me, that is!)

LEGO: Magic Ali

A short film, where LEGO minifigs perform a miracle transposition effect.

(If you want to know how it works, look up "Peppers Ghost"!)

Music: Numbers - The EP

"Sneak Thief" is a band formed of an AI, an algorithm, and a human. Every track uses a varied mixture of these performers. At no point, should you be concerned by their specific contributions!

Music: P1anets

A piece of music composed from pulsating bass drones, and (literally) out-of-this-world effects from the Halley VLF receiver. It features on the British Antarctic Survey page about the receiver.

British Antarctic Survey

LED Matrix Panels

I created a thing whereby a user can manipulate the content on a webpage, and it appears on an LED panel somewhere else in the world. But, due to travel restrictions, the patterns appear on the panel placed next to the monitor.

ZX Adventure

I wrote a game for the Sinclair ZX81 in Z80 assembly. There is also a version due on the ZX Spectrum.

LED Emulator

With the ability to write any pixels to the LED matrix, I decided to transmit the contents of my MegaProcessor emulator to it.

LEGO: BrickHeadz

Inspired by the BrickHeadz theme, I tried King Tut himself. It turned out slightly better than the minion, IMO.

Kirigami - Cards #1

What can I do with some scissors and a few playing cards? This...

Kirigami - Cards #2

The 7 of spades is an impossible object, the others are simply intricate.

Appearing in MagicSeen

A very small picture, and short write-up, of my involvement in last years Pentacle TV show. But still, all good publicity...

LEGO: 3 in 1

After getting a 3-in-1 LEGO set for Christmas, I wondered if any other vehicles could be built from the same bits. Answer: not really!