This is a simple project which points to any planet in the sky.

Space pointer

This is a space pointer! It lets you select a planet, and time of day, and the arrow will spin around to point to its position in the sky. This is a very simple project, and can be completed in a couple of hours. The computation of the planet positions are done offline and copied into the Arduino source, thereby simplifying the code required. You can see it in action here:

LCD showing space pointer UI

Generating Data

Start by entering the data below, and hitting 'Compute'...

Enter your location:
Latitude (N) ° '
Longitude (W) ° '

Enter the date and starting time:
mm/dd/yyyy hr:00
/ /      : 00


Read the instructable, and build your own
Download the Space Pointer source code
Learn the background to the calculations with the original code by Stephen R. Schmitt
See it in action