In 2003 I learned of Vexations, by Eric Satie. I found the score, and (mercifully) the MIDI file! I say 'mercifully' because I'm a highly mediocre pianist, and because the score is so esoteric, I had no way of knowing whether I was playing it correctly, or not! However, it was such an uninteresting piece, I never bothered to learn it all, and filed it away in my archive.

Years later, armed with a free afternoon and an Arduino I built a mechanised unit to play the work. Rather than being a 'copy and paste' affair, I designed some computer software that would vary the accuracy of the performance (slightly) over time. This is the emulate the performer getting tired/bored/suicidal!

So here's the unit I built:

p.s. you only need one resistor for the circuit! The rest is part of a MIDI in test bed I was building, at the time.

You can download the software from Github, as it's one of the examples in my Arduino Music Library.

Have a watch and listen...

Learn more about the piece itself from Wikipedia